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forcryinoutloud in reel_sga

Due Date!

Just a reminder that stories and art for the reel_sga movie free for all challenge are due tomorrow, April 25th!



I had notes for the story and then they fell into a black hole. I had forgotten I had even signed up for this challenge. Which, obviously, means I won't have a story for you.

Sorry, m'dear. I try to be better than that.

::slinks away in the night::
Thanks for letting me know.
Just discovered this comm because someone recc'd it after I'd posted a plot bunny/fusion idea and I was wondering if there was a list of the stories for 2010.
Unfortunately no one actually wrote anything for 2010. :( If you scroll down you will see the only two participants, both art, for last year.
I was afraid of that. I was hoping that I'd just missed something and things were posted at Ao3 instead (like with the last SGA Big Bang.)

Thanks for letting me know so quickly. If you do another for 2011, I hope there will be more participants.
There were several authors that did sign up, but sadly things just didn't materialize. Not sure if I will be running another as I am running hewliganbigbang and am thinking about running a second smallfandom_bb in the fall. Will have to see how things go.