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forcryinoutloud in reel_sga


Welcome to the Stargate Atlantis MOVIE FREE FOR ALL!

In this challenge, you'll be able to choose a prompt from any movie ever made! That's right, from the first talkie (The Jazz Singer) to the most recently released movie at the box office, you can take the summary of the movie, or the movie itself and use this summary/movie to write a story of at least a thousand (1,000) words or create a piece of art either based directly on the film or extrapolating from it. Stories can fit directly into the canon SGA-verse, or can be complete AUs—it's up to you. Any genre or rating is allowed—stories can be as cracked out or as hard-boiled noirish as you want. Gen, het, and slash stories are all welcome and encouraged.

Characters from SG-1 and other TV shows or movies starring SGA actors (e.g., Boa vs. Python, Thoughtcrimes, Pterodactyl) are allowed as crossovers. Other crossovers are not disallowed, but I would prefer if you stuck to the universes of SGA and your prompt.

Similarly, betas are not required, but I would encourage you strongly to use one. If you do not have a beta, there is a Volunteer Post where you can request or volunteer beta services.

Sign-ups are open from January 31st, 2010, ending by midnight EST on February 28th, 2010. All works are due by April 25th, 2010; that is a little over twelve weeks. I would ask you to post your work, or a link to your work, to the community on that date. I will then add it to the comm's master list.

Please include at least the following minimum information in your post: Title, author, rating, pairing(s), any warnings/spoilers, prompt.

Please DO NOT sign-up to THIS post. This is the info post ONLY. I will edit it with links to the actual sign-up posts shortly.

If you're interested in signing up, please go to the following post: SIGN-UPS!