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forcryinoutloud in reel_sga

Reel SGA "Free For All"

So obviously the movie free for all won with a landslide of the votes. *g* I know that there are a lot of challenges going on, pretty much ALL the time, so I'm looking to find out what time period people would be most likely to sign up to write for this challenge if I go ahead with it.

The challenge would be run like the previous challenges, same rules, same basic idea. The timeline would be pretty much the same, approximately eight weeks to write the story etc.

This is NOT the sign up post *g* This is just gauging an interest in a free for all challenge.

Poll #1475488 Reel SGA

When would you most likely take part in a new Reel SGA challenge? If sign ups started...

after April


Honestly, whenever you have it, so long as I know about it, I'd like to participate. This is one of my favourite challenges.
*grins* Thank you! :)
I would love to do this, but after the small fandom big bang would be great!
*grins* I'm hoping for at least the March-April one for this as the Big Bang complete drafts are due in March so really just cosmetic stuff should be left after that. :)