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forcryinoutloud in reel_sga

Reel SGA Challenge 2009

I've been considering having another reel_sga challenge this year but am, as of yet, undecided as to what the theme will be so I thought perhaps getting some input might make it more clear as to what theme would gain the most interest.

So, for your polling pleasure, I give you, reel_sga 2009:

Poll #1425494 Reel SGA 2009
This poll is closed.

Should the theme be...

Fairytales (any fairytale adapted to film)
Musicals (this would probably be fairly hard to represent in fanfiction but *shrugs* the idea amuses the hell out of me *g*)
Movies from the 70s (as, with both previous challenges, we seemed to completely ignore the 70s)
Horror (any film that falls under the horror genre - could be classic, modern etc)
Movie Free For All (you can choose any film ever made)
I have a better idea and I am going to tell you what it is in the comments!


heh, was logged in the wrong account, so I won't revote 70's.. Serpico! Taxi Driver! The Sting! Three Days of The Condor! The Way We Were! Network! The Towering Inferno! Little Big Man! All the Presidents Men! The Three & Four Musketeers! The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday! Star Wars!

best and worst, 1970-1979
LOL! Thanks! *G*
I'd love to read some fics based on all the old black and white classics. They really knew how to do romance

Edited at 2009-07-06 07:58 pm (UTC)
They really did. :D If you check the first challenge, that was pretty much what the theme was. *G* There were lots of great stories that came out of that challenge.


Um... I suggest foreign films... er I mean those films that are not American in origin... like Korean or Filipino... they have real cheesy romances...
Thanks :)